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Staff Training Mobilities
Teacher training in Rijeka
The first teacher training of the project took place in Rijeka, Croatia, from 23 to 25 July 2018. The training was hosted by the Adult Education Institution Dante, which was also the venue for all of the activities during the three-day training period. On the first day of the training the partners were familiarized with some basic concepts and challenges related to intercultural communication, as well as with different ways in which various obstacles to successful sharing of ideas and collaboration in a multicultural setting can be overcome. The second day was dedicated to learning styles, more specifically, to ways in which teachers can recognize their students’ strengths and weaknesses and structure their teaching to maximise the former, while minimising the latter. Finally, the topic of the third day of the training were methods in adult education, with emphasis on interactive methods that can be used successfully with lower-level (A1-A2) students.
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