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Transnational Project Meetings
Second transnational project meeting from 16th till 17th of April 2019  in Valencia, Spain

This was an important meeting to all partners, The main objective was to discuss all details regarding the intellectual output material for A1/A2 level language learners. The leading organisations in intellectual output – Latvia, Estonia and Finland had created some master units and presented them to all partners.
At this point the leading organisations were facing some challenges regarding creating material similar in the target languages. So we had to compare  and analyse the laguage structures and they use in each language.
One more important task was project homepage. Austrian partners presented the draft of the project homepage The partners successfuly came to an agreement regarding the layout, structure and content of the project homepage.
In Valencia we faced different weather conditions, starting with spring sunshine and +33º and ending with a strong wind, much colder weather and rain.
We had an opportunity to taste a traditional food of Valencia. The hosting organisation in Valencia Centro Superior Hosteleria Mediterraneo organised Paella cooking show. After it everyone could taste traditional Paella.
Final transnational project meeting will take place in Valmiera, Latvia in August 2019. At this time we will also have Multiplier Event were we are presenting created online material and student book master copies.
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